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A modern website that corresponds to your target

Transform a potential prospect into a qualified lead via an optimal user experience and effective Figma models for a modern and impacting website.

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Figma, a single tool to rule them all

Long gone are the days when “models” were made on Adobe Photoshop.
Figma is probably the tool I use the most afterwards Webflow. It is essential for creating intuitive user interfaces and engaging digital experiences and facilitates the collaboration and sharing of Wireframes for the customer.

And the recent addition of Dev Mode has greatly facilitated exchanges between the designer and the developer, accelerating the completion of your project even more.

You want to make your models via Figma ? Contact me without waiting

Figma, a single tool to rule them all

Make a difference with an experienced UX Designer

My UX design expertise focuses on creatinguser experiences that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also intuitive and engaging.
I worked on more than 100 web projects and made sure each time that the design first corresponded to my clients' clients and then to my clients.

I also have several degrees supporting my expertise in UX design such as:

  • Bachelor of digital project manager
  • Bachelor of Web Designer
  • UX Designer certification by UX Design Institute

Learn more about my background

Make a difference with an experienced UX Designer

I create your mockups while thinking of developers

Why did I start the Webflow development ? After creating wireframes for several websites I was often frustrated by the result once online.
It is very complicated to give the model so that it can be integrated but above all respected to the letter. So you have the possibility to Entrust your project so that I can take care of it from the beginning until it is put online.

By reducing the number of intermediaries, you will speed up the design and development process for a more efficient project while reducing costs.

I create your mockups while thinking of developers

One Process reliable and optimized.

After several years of experience as a freelance web designer, I was able to work and refine the flow of my missions in order to: provide my customers with quality websites as soon as possible.

Making contact


You came across my profile via platforms such as Malt or my Webflow sheet. After an initial discussion and getting to know your project brief, I offer you an offer adapted to your needs and your budget.



After identifying your needs, I am embarking on the mission: UX UI design, development, optimizations... while making sure to meet your requirements and deadlines.
I am committed to designing websites optimized for your users and easy to handle by my customers.



Once the mission is complete you get your turnkey project. But that's not why our collaboration stops here.
If necessary, I continue to take care of and develop your project as it evolves with the ambitions of your brand.

What do they think about our collaboration

Discover the experiences of customers who have grown their brand thanks to my services. These testimonies offer you information about my work and my way of doing things.

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UX/UI and Freelance Webdesigner specialized in creating custom websites for businesses and individuals. My expertise is focused on the Webflow CMS, which allows me to provide quality, fast, secure, SEO friendly and easy to manage websites. My skills include creating mockups via Figma, designing the user experience, and integrating designs on Webflow.

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Questions The most frequent

Sometimes it's hard to find your way around. Here is a List of questions which I hope will answer your questions.

Visit the full FAQ

What is the importance of a well-designed UX/UI design for a website?

A UX/UI design well-designed is crucial for user engagement and satisfaction. It ensures an optimal user experience with smooth and intuitive navigation, clearly presenting the offer and facilitating decision-making. A visually appealing design builds brand trust and encourages interactions, increasing conversion rates.

What is my policy for reviews and returns during an assignment?

I understand the importance of your feedback in order to achieve the desired result. Here's how I handle this process:

Number of Revisions: I generally propose 3 phases of revisions included in the initial quote.

Additional Revisions: If additional revisions are required beyond those included in the estimate, we discuss them together to find a solution that meets both your needs and the constraints of the project.

How do I manage responsive design for a consistent experience across all devices?

To ensure a consistent user experience across devices, my responsive design approach is methodical and user-centered. Here's how I do it:

  • User Needs Analysis: I start by understanding the different contexts of use of your site or application. This involves analyzing how users interact with your product on a variety of devices, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Today, a large number of users browse on their phones, but this may not be the case for you, which is why it is important to know your target audience.
  • Tests on Different Devices: The design is tested across a range of devices to ensure it's responsive and works well everywhere.
  • Feedback and Iteration: Finally, I'm collecting user feedback and analytics to continue to refine and improve the experience across devices after launch.