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Migrate your Wordpress site to Webflow easily

Webflow expert and passionate about modern and efficient websites, I offer personalized support at each stage guaranteeing you a hassle-free migration.

Migrate my Wordpress site
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Prior audit for an unsurprising transfer

First of all, you must make sure not to forget anything during the switch to Webflow. I am therefore carrying out an audit aimed at identify and understand the structure of your Wordpress site, the various functionalities and plugins that it integrates so as not to forget anything. This very important step allows me to:

  • Transfer your site by minimizing changes that are too sudden for Google, such as changing your URLs
  • Identify existing errors in order to correct them on Wordpress...
  • Building a Webflow back office close to what you knew about Wordpress
  • ...

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Prior audit for an unsurprising transfer

Be visible on the web with increased SEO performance

Maximize your online visibility with Webflow, integrating SEO best practices of the moment. From the optimized HTML structure to the meta tags, every aspect of your site is designed to be present in search engines.
Attract more qualified traffic and convert effectively with Webflow. Learn more about SEO optimizations.

  • Optimized HTML structure
  • Take control of your sitemap
  • Ultra-fast loading time of your pages
  • ...
Be visible on the web with increased SEO performance

An expert certified by Webflow for an effective transition

Convinced by the Webflow CMS for several years already, I assure you a integration in accordance with best practices (styleguide, clean HTML structure, easy to handle by the client...) and using the latest features (variables, localization...).
The certification”Webflow Professional Partner“ is the guarantee that your project is in the hands of an expert who knows the tool and works on it every day (literally).

An expert certified by Webflow for an effective transition

One process reliable and optimized.

After several years of experience as a freelance web designer, I was able to work and refine the flow of my missions in order to: provide my customers with quality websites as soon as possible.

Making contact


You came across my profile through platforms such as Malt Or maybe my Webflow sheet. After a first exchange and getting to know your project brief, I offer you a offer adapted to your needs and your budget.



After identifying your needs, I am embarking on the mission: UX UI design, development, optimizations... while making sure to meet your requirements and deadlines.
I am committed to designing websites optimized for your users and easy to handle by my customers.



Once the mission is complete you get your turnkey project. But that's not why our collaboration stops here.
If necessary, I continue to take care of and develop your project as it evolves with the ambitions of your brand.

“Great Webflow integrator, who was able to complete his mission ahead of schedule. Impatient to be able working with him again !”

Leonard Sellem

Questions the most frequent

Sometimes it's hard to find your way around. Here is a List of questions which I hope will answer your questions.

Visit the full FAQ

Will the Webflow migration affect the SEO of my website under Wordpress?

No, quite the opposite. I take specific measures to preserve and especially improve your SEO in the medium and long term during the migration. This includes 301 redirects from old URLs to new ones, maintaining the SEO markup structure, and optimizing site performance, which are key factors for good search engine positioning.

How long does the transfer take?

The time required may vary depending on the complexity and size of your current site. On average, a migration takes between 2 to 4 weeks. We establish a precise schedule from the start of the project to ensure a smooth transition without interruption of service.

Can I easily update my site after it goes live?

Absolutely. One of the main advantages of Webflow is its intuitive visual editor, which allows anyone to make content updates without needing additional knowledge. You'll have total control to easily add, edit, or delete your content. If you want to know more about Webflow you can visit my page on the creation of Webflow sites

Will I lose functionality when I switch from WordPress to Webflow?

No, you won't lose functionality. Webflow is extremely powerful and flexible, allowing you to recreate the functionalities you had on WordPress and to add new ones.
We work with you to identify the key features of your current site and ensure that they are integrated or improved in your new Webflow site.