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The new design trends for the year 2024 - Explore the top 5

Discover the five major design trends for 2024. This post will explore the innovations and emerging styles that will (perhaps) shape the world of design.

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The new design trends for the year 2024 - Explore the top 5


In 2024, micro-interactions became an essential element of Web design, playing a crucial role in improving the user experience and engagement on websites. These small animations and subtle interactions, often overlooked, bring a touch of refinement and personality, turning an ordinary user experience into a memorable and interactive experience.

Microinteraction illustration
Click, Hover, Loading... so many possibilities to surprise your users

They add a fun and engaging element, making navigation more intuitive and enjoyable. Microinteractions can also be used to attract attention on important things, like notifications or changes in the status of an application.

More and more immersive sites thanks to 3D (and Spline)

The use of 3D in web design is reaching new heights of sinking and of interactivity, especially thanks to tools like Spline and their native integration in Webflow. This evolution marks a turning point in how users interact with online content, providing a richer and more engaging experience.

The reason I'm talking about it here is mainly because recently, Webflow has been natively integrating Spline into its ecosystem and allows you to make your designs even more breathtaking!

Screenshot of homepage

The fashion for sites using a Bento design

The Bento design, inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of bento boxes, is gaining popularity in the world of web design. This trend is characterized by a meticulous organization of content, where each element is carefully placed in its own “box”, creating an orderly and aesthetically pleasant user experience.

The Bento design is distinguished by its structure in modular grid, where information is presented in separate compartments, like a bento. This approach allows intuitive navigation and a clear prioritization of content, facilitating quick access to information. Each section of the site is designed as an independent module, but is part of a coherent whole, offering harmonious user experience.

This trend is particularly appreciated for its ability to organize diverse content in an elegant and functional way. Whether for sites of e-commerce, of portfolios Or educational platforms, the Bento design helps present a large amount of information without visually overwhelming the user. Well-defined spaces and visual balance contribute to a calming and effective user experience. And making it easier to set up your pages on different media such as mobile.

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Minimalism and Flat Design for refined projects

Minimalism and flat design continue to dominate the web design landscape, offering clean and elegant solutions for digital projects. This trend, focused on simplicity and functionality, favors a clear and clutter-free design, highlighting content and improving the user experience.

The minimalism in Webdesign is characterized by generous white spaces, limited color palettes, and graphic elements that are kept to a minimum. This approach aims to reduce visual distractions, allowing users to focus on what matters most. Minimalist sites are often faster to charge and easier to navigate, offering a smooth and pleasant user experience.

The Flat Design, on the other hand, focuses on the simplicity of graphic elements. It avoids textures, shadows, and three-dimensional effects in favor of simple shapes, solid colors, and legible fonts. This modern and direct aesthetic makes it easier to understand the site and reinforces the clarity of the message.

Glassmorphism is still on the rise

This style, characterized by a blurry and translucent glass effect, brings a touch of modernity and sophistication to web interfaces. It plays on transparency, depth and reflections to create a feeling of lightness and space.

Glassmorphism effect on Alexis Gardin logo
Example of a Glassmorphism effect

In addition to its visual appeal, Glassmorphism works harmoniously with other trends like minimalism and flat design, allowing designers to play with textures and layers without weighing down the overall design.

In summary, Glassmorphism remains a popular choice for web designers looking for innovation and elegance. It proves that visual trends can be sustainable and scalable, adapting to the changing needs of web design and the expectations of users.

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